The Stand – Laguna Beach

Our two-week long stay in Laguna Beach will end today when we travel back to the SF Bay Area. For all the bucolic fantasies of life in paradise evoked by images of vineyards and rolling hills of Northern California’s wine country, I’d prefer if it were Guacamole Country. One of the highlights of visiting Laguna Beach is always The Stand – a vegan snack shack at the corner of Thalia St. and PCH that has managed to stay in business for three decades. Almost everything on the menu comes with the option of hummus, guacamole or salsa; beans, rice, pita and a range of vegies are the foundation of all entrees. The food is simple and clean, and I am always struck by the distinct absence of that horrible rotting smell wafting from the refuse area of most “food” establishments. When everything in the trash is made of cellulose, the breakdown emanations are much less offensive. (However the “breakdown emanations” of four teenage boys adjusting to this high-fiber regime have not only been extremely offensive but a source of great pride.)

If ever in Laguna Beach, visit The Stand. You might be inspired to take one afterwards…

Laguna Beach - The Stand
The Stand

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