Ogygia – Release

My new book OGYGIA is finally out.

If you live in the SF Bay Area, please join me, Daedalus Howell, Jonah Raskin, Stacey Tuel and Amy Petersen at Epicurean Connection (122 W. Napa Street) on November 13 for an evening of poetry, music and our book(s) release party.

Find me on Twitter @the_bananafish if you have any questions about the event or would like to order a book.

I’m working on getting a new email address. For now sixtomales@yahoo.com is what I check.

Thanks for stopping by.






One thought on “Ogygia – Release

  1. Dear Lisa,

    I have read over half of your new book of poems and think it is wonderful . At t recent poetry meeting in Fairfax, I read Noonday Devil and the esponse was very positive.

    Hal Wahlborg

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