About Me

Ester Williams

I work and live in Northern California where I’ve been living since Nixon was in office.  I am the author of two collections of poetry – Star Thistle and Other Poems (FMRL 2013) and Ogygia (FMRL 2014).

I have just completed a new book – The Wolf of Bilche Zolote.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love your book. We need to work on this Ironic Points of Light thing. Celebrate Star Thistle. You dropped off FB! Thought I’d leave a message here. Tim

    1. “Just a fan” JamesO here…your daughter’s gig tonight made me think of you. You can be proud of your progeny: people and poems!

  2. I think you are one of the best living poets I have read. Your Dad loaned me your book of poetry and it has inspired me to study and write more poetry. I am a glassblower by trade, but have been reading Charles Bukowski lately and tending to move away from my craft and more towards writing. The book on writing poetry West Winds has been enlightening and I can only hope to write as well as you do. You speak the truth and see what is the real nature of things better than most anyone I have read.

    1. Hi Hal,

      So glad you enjoyed the book. My next one (Ogygia) will be out this summer. Glass blowing seems like a great metaphor for writing. I will check out West Winds…always looking for new sources of inspiration.

      1. Hi Lisa,

        I love how you roast what is being done in the name of Allah. My wife has always been so angry over how Moslem men treat women in general. We were in San Francisco this last Saturday and saw a Moslem family with the women following at a polite distance. Lindsay, my wife, lived in Beirut for 2 years and has traveled just about everywhere in Europe, South America and Central America. She does not read poetry, but I do think she will eventually read your poems. She is also very opinionated in a good way like you. For me, overpopulation is a major issue. We are becoming, as a species, like a huge population of rats stuck in a small cave, and going crazy just like rats do when stressed by too many bodies in close proximity. I studied this when I was at UC Berkeley in 1974 and the studies then are still accurate relative to fighting, mental and health problems, over or undereating, sexual changes, and so on.
        Look forward to your next book and definitely enjoy your website.


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